First Edition: Mounted Halfling Captain
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First Edition: Mounted Halfling Captain

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"As a mark of their rank, it is common to see Captains mounted upon Ironwool rams when leading a force into battle. Ironwools are a breed of sheep native to Hobbleshire and, although tasty when in a pie, when alive they are large and notoriously bad tempered. This,as well as their thick wool which can reflect sword blows, makes them perfect mounts for the Halflings, as they are far too short to ride horses. In addition to being trusty mounts during times of war, these sheep can be found pulling ploughs and carts, and are a great source of pride for the farmers who rear them. The fleece from an Ironwool can be woven into a cloth that is durable, yet resistant to attack, so is highly prized on the international market for making lightweight armour."

These models are cast in Warploque's white metal and are provided unpainted and unassembled. Plastic bases are included.