Battle for Troll Bridge - Starter Box Set
Battle for Troll Bridge - Starter Box Set
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Battle for Troll Bridge - Starter Box Set

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PLEASE NOTE: This set has now been updated to the new Second Edition. The ArcWorlde: Second Edition Core Rules booklet is included, and all of the stats for the miniatures can be downloaded for free HERE. The set is still supplied with the First Edition rulebook, which is now out of date, but is packed full of lore and artwork, but the Battle for Troll Bridge Rules Booklet has been removed.


"News of a Bayourk warband plaguing the Hobbleshire town of Milwood summon a garrisoned Albionnican warband accompanied by the local Halfling Militia. They find the villainous Bayourk tribe taking residence upon the infamous Troll Bridge, spoiling for a fight.

However, on hearing a mighty roar, the local Halflings shake with fear, for they know how the bridge earned it’s name. Old Grogg, the largest River Troll ever seen, emerges from beneath, and he is not happy that his slumber has been disturbed..."

'Battle for Troll Bridge' is a four player starter box for the 32mm fantasy Skirmish game 'ArcWorlde'.

This box set contains -

Five new Albionnican Empire miniatures – Captain Flynt (Special Character) , a Halberdier Trooper, two Crossbow Troopers and a Lowlander (new Albionnican unit). Cast in white metal.

Six new Halfling miniatures – Captain Bullhoof (Special Character), one Spear Militia, one Sword Militia and three Rangers (new Halfling unit). Cast in white metal.

Five new Bayourk miniatures – “Mad-Eye” Muldoon (Special Character), three Boglins and a Brew Boy (new Bayourk unit). Bayourks cast in fine resin, Boglins cast in white metal.

A new monstrous miniature - Old Grogg the River Troll (Special Character). Cast in fine resin.


The ArcWorlde: Second Edition Core Rules booklet

The full FIRST EDITION ArcWorlde Rulebook. (This rulebook is now out of date)

10 ArcWorlde Dice and 10 Arcanite Tokens

All packaged within a beautiful foam-lined and scratch resistant game box.

These models are cast in Warploque's fine resin or white metal and are provided unpainted and unassembled. Plastic bases are included.