Faery Dragon
ArcWorlde: Second Edition

Faery Dragon

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Download their rules for the ArcWorlde tabletop game here!

“Although for many years it was believed impossible for a Dragon to fly, a newly
discovered species has shed new light on the matter.

The Faery Dragon is a small Dragon native to the deeper regions of the Mildaark forest.
It achieves the miracle of flight by beating wing-like scales on its back, allowing it to
take to the air with surprising grace and agility. It’s mirror-like scales glitter with an
intense light, and it is able to focus that light to dazzle and blind attackers. Although
rarely seen, it’s sweet song can be heard for miles as it basks in the light of the rising

This pack contains:

  • 1 x Faery Dragon

These Heroic 28mm/ 32mm fantasy miniatures are cast in Warploque's white metal and fine resin and are provided unpainted and unassembled. Plastic bases are included.