Crimson Rita
Crimson Rita
ArcWorlde Classics

Crimson Rita

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Painted by Joe Karame

Crimson Rita is one of the most famed warriors in all of Upper ArcWorlde. As a young girl she was brought up in one of the many Halfling settlements in Njorsvald, until one day a roving band of Hobgoblins killed her family and burned down her village. Whilst attempting to defend herself from the greenskins with her father’s sword she clumsily decapitated one of the Runts attacking her, and her passion for violence was awakened.

From that moment on she swore to slay all of those whom she felt deserved to be slain, and during her adventures has come toe-to-toe with all manner of evil creatures. Her red hair flying and her sword whirling, she is a mighty hero to have on your side in a scrap.

These models are cast in Warp's white metal and are provided unpainted and unassembled. Plastic bases are included.