First Edition: Fire Dragon
First Edition: Fire Dragon
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First Edition: Fire Dragon

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"Fire Dragons, also known as Cave Drakes or Mountain Wyrms are the most aggressive of all Dragons, made famous by Albionnican and Gallanaux folklore. They reside in caves high up in the mountainous areas of the world, in the deep, dark places that never see sunlight.

One attribute that makes them more dangerous than most other large predators is an ability to spit forth highly flammable bile when provoked, which ignites into great grouts of intense flame. Due to the huge amounts of energy required for such deadly attacks the Cave Drakes spend much of their lives hibernating, conserving their energy for the hunt, a terrifying spectacle to behold. They dwell within dank caves and darkness, belching smoke and flame, and many a valiant soldier, and an innocent life, has been sent to the afterlife by such an infernal creature.

Because of their monstrous size, dragons of all species can live to a great age, with some being hundreds of years old. These mighty creatures, known as Ancients, are even bigger than their younger kin, growing throughout their lifetime. Although they are slowed by their massive bulk, their age hardened scales are nigh impenetrable by shot or sword, and many a town has seen it's doom due an attack from these beasts."

These models are cast in Warploque's fine resin and are provided unpainted and unassembled. Plastic bases are included.