First Edition: Giant
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First Edition: Giant

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"Amongst the many monsters, demons and other unspeakable parodies of nature that stomp, crawl or fly, Giants are amongst the most troublesome, and often the culprits behind most of the trials and tribulations suffered by the peoples of the villages, towns and homesteads throughout the lands of Arcworlde.

In appearance, Giants resemble huge, gangly and extremely ugly humans, towering 45 feet from the ground. Even larger ones have been seen however, but they are rare and presumably ancient beings. “Normal” giants on the other hand are seen very frequently, either raiding a fortified brewery, munching on a whole flock of sheep or sleeping, usually after completing the first two tasks. Because of this, many buildings outside the protective circle of the large towns and forts are heavily fortified and garrisoned, in case of a rogue Giant attack, as they can be monstrously destructive if provoked.

Although Giants are very dull witted creatures, their mental processes usually encompassing very little other than food, booze and fighting, they are blessed with an innate creativity when it comes to scavenging, and most Giants can be seen wearing britches and sometimes other forms of clothing, entirely constructed from scraps of fabrics, fur, and other raided materials they have come across on their travels. It is common for Giants to be seen following mercenary warbands, and sometimes even being employed by them, as the sight of an enraged and intoxicated Giant is enough to install terror into even the most fearless enemy warrior."

These models are cast in Warploque's fine resin and are provided unpainted and unassembled. Plastic bases are included.