Biff Pecker - Beastfolk Verman
ArcWorlde: Second Edition

Biff Pecker - Beastfolk Verman

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Download their rules for the ArcWorlde tabletop game here!

“The Vermen are the smaller members of the Beastfolk clan, who often resemble
rodents, amphibians or other diminutive creatures. Although much weaker than their
burly Clanbeast brethren, their nimble fingers and quick minds are more than useful
within Beastfolk society.

In battle the Vermen scurry alongside the larger Clanbeasts, who are often dismissive of
their presence. However, when commanded to Vermen fearlessly launch themselves at
their foes, much to the amusement of the larger Beastfolk.”

These Heroic 28mm/32mm scale fantasy miniatures are cast in Warp's fine resin or white metal and are provided unpainted and unassembled. Plastic bases are included.