ArcWorlde is a fantasy skirmish game where warbands, heroes and monsters are pitted against each other in the field of combat.

There are beasts to slay, treasures to discover, objectives to capture and rival Commanders to defeat. By using these rules, your imagination, and the wide range of ArcWorlde miniatures available, you and your friends can play out epic tales within the eponymous fantasy realm.

Players, it’s up to you – what adventures await you and your Warbands in this brave new world?

Tough, courageous and with an appetite to match, Halflings and their settlements can be found throughout ArcWorlde. In recent years they have been pushing further into the Mildaark forest, and must defend their new homes from all sorts of dangerous foes.  

Equipped with the finest weapons and armour the stretched coffers of the military and the fevered minds of the Engineer's Guild can muster, the soldiers of the Albionnican Empire can be found marching throughout ArcWorlde. The Alabaster Council's search for Arcanite extends ever deeper into the unknown reaches of the Mildaark, where the ragtag men of the Imperials Armies are truly put to the test.

Mysterious and barbarous, the Wild Elves dwell within the deep forests of ArcWorlde. Their blood-fuelled magic is used to summon minions from the very bones of the wood, and do not take kindly to intruders within their realms.

In the depths of the Mildaark Forest lies the immense spire of Mt. Orion. Carved into its alabaster peaks is the Great College of Mt. Orion, a mighty fortress of learning where the Wizards of Upper ArcWorlde unravel the secrets of magic. Driven by a thirst for knowledge the Wizards venture into ArcWorlde to seek ways to expand their expertise in their chosen arcane endeavours. 

Hailing from the dank swamps of the south, Ourks are large, green-skinned folk who love drinking, fighting and looting. Led by the devious Dreameaters, the Ourk clans raid any settlements they find as they mooch about Upper ArcWorlde.

In the vast Blasted Wastes to the east of the Jernspeak Mountains dwell the Dark Lords. Beings of pure spite and devilment, they hunger for the treasures of Upper ArcWorlde. Although kept at bay for many years by the mountains and the peoples who guard them in the Vauhaemian states, recent events have given the Dark Lords the golden opportunity they needed to break through to the continent. Accompanied by the hordes of Hobgoblins that carry out their every whim, the Dark Lords delight in laying waste to all in their path.

Inhabiting the wild places of the world, the many races that call themselves Beastfolk appear as mixtures of animals and men. Fiercely loyal to their kin they roam free across the lands of ArcWorlde, taking whatever plunder they find along the way.

Some souls are just too wicked to truly die. Rising from the grave, the bandits, thieves and pirates of ArcWorlde are known to not stay dead for long, and many fear attacks from these cunning revenants.

ArcWorlde is inhabited by a vast range of wild monsters, most of which are highly dangerous. Some are small, and gather in packs to take down larger prey. Some are very large, and can pick up and throw a man with ease. And some monsters are truly titanic, taking the efforts of many warriors to vanquish them.

Monsters are a core part of the ArcWorlde game. They can be hired by any Faction, or even played on their own! Fancy attacking your foes as a pack of hungry Trolls? You absolutely can!

ArcWorlde is the domain of heroes in search of adventure, and a little coin if they can get it. Hire these mighty warriors as part of your Warbands!


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