Digital Workshop is a range of 3D Printable miniatures perfect for RPG and tabletop games.

Via my Patreon ( and my MyMiniFactory Tribe (, I release new models for you to download and print at home, sculpted in the same unique style as my hand-made miniatures.


Hey folks, hope you're all well!

This month I've decided to delve into the darkest depths of the dungeon, and bring forth the chittering hordes that dwell there. Dungeon Swarms!

This set includes two unique swarm miniatures of Bats, Rats, Snakes, Spiders and Piranhas (I couldn't resist) - including a set of individual critters for you to use as familiars or to decorate the bases of your miniatures. Squeak squeak!

How Digital Workshop Works
Each month will see the release of a set of 3D printable Heroic 28mm scale miniatures for use with any of your tabletop games.

If you miss out on a specific month's releases, my back catalogue is available to purchase on my MyMiniFactory store (, and for my10mm scaled minis check out my Gumroad store (





Included in this set are:

4 x Basic Tents
2 x Wooden Fences
1 x Campfire
1 x Spitroast Pig
1 x Multi-Part Goblin
1 x Goblin with Spear
1 x Goblin with Bow
1 x Goblin with Sword and Shield
1 x Goblin Wolf Rider
1 x Dwarf Warrior

1 x Linnaeus the Firbolg Druid