Sculpt YOUR Character Voucher
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Sculpt YOUR Character Voucher

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A perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays or special occasions!

Do you or your loved one have a character they would love to be made into a miniature? A custom hero for tabletop gaming, or a mighty warrior to roleplay in your favourite roleplaying games? I can help.

This Voucher can be spent to create one custom character, lovingly sculpted in the Warp Miniatures style. You or your loved one can work with me to create the perfect miniature of your chosen hero, including pose, equipment and facial expression and ready for 3D Printing. 

There are discounts for multiple characters, such as a roleplaying party, so please get in touch for more information.



- This voucher is for one 28mm/32mm scaled human-sized miniature.

- The voucher may be redeemed by contacting us at A full description (including reference pictures if possible) of the character will be required, including pose, equipment and facial expression.  Once the idea has been discussed and agreed upon, a completion date will be provided for the first draft. Pictures will be sent, and a single round of minor edits will be included in the price of the voucher. Any major deviations from the original description will require a supplementary charge, depending on complexity.

- Miniatures will be provided in STL format and unsupported. If you do not have a 3D printer, or don't fancy doing your own supports, reputable 3D printing services can be recommended. 

- This miniature is created for personal use only, and may not be sold or distributed in any way in either STL, print or cast form. If you would like to have miniatures sculpted for your business, please contact me to discuss.


Miniatures shown were sculpted for 'The Arena of Baradum' by Horned Toad Games