Father Griffmas (2023)
Father Griffmas (2023)
ArcWorlde: Second Edition

Father Griffmas (2023)

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Download rules for him for ArcWorlde here!

“On Griffmas Eve, the longest night in the ArcWorlde calendar, the fellow known as Father Griffmas is hard at work. A character of legend who dwells in the frozen heights of Norwhere, he travels across the land in his Gryphon-borne sleigh delivering gifts to all those he deems worthy of them. His way is lit by his trusty friend Coodolf the Griffling, fluttering alongside him with a lantern around his neck.

Sometimes the gift that one truly needs is a friend in dire times. It is known for Father Griffmas to appear in moments of great peril to help those whose cause he deems just, the gift to his foes being the swift chops of his ancient axe. Have you been good this year?”

These Heroic 28mm/ 32mm fantasy miniatures are cast in Warp Miniatures' fine resin and are provided unpainted and unassembled. Plastic bases are included.