Charmed Bookcase
ArcWorlde: Second Edition

Charmed Bookcase

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Download their rules for the ArcWorlde tabletop game here!

"A Wizard collects many scrolls, tomes and other magical literature over the course of their travels. These are often contained within an enchanted bookcase, which keeps them safe and stores them for when they are needed. These bookcases have a life of their own, and fuss over their collection like a protective mother hen.

When in battle the Charmed Bookcases select the most powerful of spell books to tentatively give to their masters, though in the heat of battle it can be a random bet which ones they receive."

These Heroic 28mm/32mm scale fantasy miniatures are cast in Warp Miniatures' fine resin or white metal and are provided unpainted and unassembled. 40mm plastic bases are included.