First Edition: Ogre Trooper
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First Edition: Ogre Trooper

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"The mighty race of the Ogres hail from the deepest valleys of the Scostaine Lowlands, though tribes can be found all over ArcWorlde. When the Albionnican Empire first ventured into Scostaine, they made pacts of friendship with the many Ogre clans they found there, and most regiments have a number of Ogre troops amongst their ranks. Although they are twice the height of even the tallest solider, they are accepted and liked by the men, who love to drink and smoke just as much as they do! Donned in thick armour and armed with massive versions of the weapons carried by the troops, these hulking warriors provide some much needed muscle against the enemies of the Empire."

These models are cast in Warploque's fine resin and are provided unpainted and unassembled. Plastic bases are included.