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Many moons ago, the Gremlin now known as Kin’Eeta was but a scrawny Shaman under the thrall of the Big Chief Olumbu. For years did the puny Gremlin dream of usurping his throne, yet Olumbu was wise to his dangerous ambition and eventually cast him out to die alone in the wilderness.

However, the scrawny Shaman did not die, and some proclaim it was through the intervention of the Spirit of Mantombo (a myth that Kin’Eeta is more than ready to endorse) that he survived.

Sneaking into Olumbu’s hut in the night, the Shaman slew and devoured the Big Chief, eating his flesh as to absorb his great power. It was this act that earned him the name Kin’Eeta, and a legend was born throughout the Gremlin tribes of the North.

Wearing a mask carved to show his terrible deed, Kin’Eeta draws great power from devouring his enemies and uses it to smite any who stand in his path. However, he is constantly taunted by the lingering spirit of Olumbu. Furious at being usurped, the dead Chief attempts to thwart Kin’Eeta’s plans at every turn...

These models are cast in Warp's white metal and are provided unpainted and unassembled. Plastic bases are included.