Wizard Sprite Pack (4)
ArcWorlde: Second Edition

Wizard Sprite Pack (4)

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Download their rules for the ArcWorlde tabletop game here!

"The conjuring of magical creatures is a skill learned very early in a Wizard’s training. Most of the manual labour at the Grand College is done by these beings, who scurry around independently, but always obediently, from their caster.

The smaller of these beasts, known as Sprites, can take whatever form the mage can think of. Oftentimes they reflect the personalities of the caster and take the forms of many weird and wonderful creatures. In the dangerous wilds of ArcWorlde, a Wizard may conjure up a whole army of these creatures, who obediently leap into battle to defend their master.”

These Heroic 28mm/32mm scale fantasy miniatures are cast in Warp Miniatures' fine resin or white metal and are provided unpainted and unassembled. 40mm plastic bases are included.